Reconditioning (redesign idea Dec 2020)


Reconditioning service

Machine parts are valuable and by reconditioning them we can extend their lifetime. This is a service which is popular among many of our customers.

We take the used parts back and recondition them here in Hamburg, Germany, to guarantee German quality. That way resources are optimised and your costs are reduced.

Service exchange programme (A)

In order to provide our customers with quality engine components, we supply reconditioned engine parts on exchange base to every part of the world. The reconditioned parts from Hamburg will be installed on the engine and the used parts will be shipped back to Hamburg.

We can offer you an exchange pool of cylinder heads, connecting rods, fuel pumps and much more. If you have no further use for your used parts, we are also interested in buying parts for reconditioning.

Service exchange programme (B)

On-board service requires fast and reliable response. STW Engineering counts on the support of experienced service technicians and the cooperation of carefully selected expert repair shops and service teams. We provide on-board service worldwide and whenever you need us.

Consultancy service

Our approach at STW Engineering is to offer customer-focused advice and support as the foundation to our sales and service: we recommend spare parts with proven quality; we provide fast delivery; and we provide advice on installation and engine repair.

We do not only offer support regarding marine engine parts but we also provide our clients with support for electronic controls, compressors and many other areas.

Additionally, we will help our customers lower their energy costs without having to compromise any environmental regulations. We will be glad to give advice and offer tailored solutions to the challenges your company faces – just contact us!

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